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TS1001 Transportable Steel Weighbridge


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The TS1001 Transportable weighbridge, a variation of NT31 surface mounted, is a completely steel portable weighbridge. It consists of drive modules connected across with connective beams for an easier transportation and assembly of the weighbridge. A standard 5Tn capacity forklift is enough for the handling and the installation works.

This weighbridge features a middle gap of 1000mm which makes it a perfect solution for the weighing of larger vehicles and minimizes its total cost.  TS1001 steel transportable weighbridge is a reasonable investment!


  • The cost effective version of NT31 with a middle 1000mm gap.
  • Transportable construction, manufactured only for above the surface installation.
  • Optimized, rigid steel structure designed for frequent weighing of large trucks.
  • Modular design allowing easy transport and installation.
  • Middle gap 1000mm between drive modules.
  • Optional galvanized version for the steel parts.


Platform length
6m to 18m*
Platform width
Platform height
330mm or 420mm
Ramp height
330mm or 420mm
Steel type
Scale Capacity
up to 90t
Loading capacity
10t or 15t per truck axle

*other lengths and dimensions available upon request