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NT31 Pit Mounted Steel Weighbridge

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The NT31 Pit mounted weighbridge is a steel, below the ground construction with an impressive life span. This weighbridge has the same features as the NT31 surface mounted version, but NT31 Pit mounted is more reinforced in the middle, permitting transversal crossing of the platform. It consists of modular parts (drive sections) connected across with connective beams for an easier transportation and assembly of the weighbridge. A standard 2t capacity forklift is enough for the handling and the installation works. This weighbridge enables an instant access to the load cells and junction box through the top removable covers on the deck. The advantage of the top covers is the easy service and maintenance. 


  • Optimized, rigid steel structure designed for frequent use.
  • Modular design allowing easy transport and installation.
  • Top access to weighing equipment (load cells and junction box) through the removable covers on the deck.
  • Completely steel and modular construction.
  • Transversal crossing of the weighbridge.
  • Capacity according to DIN8119 (10t/axle) or DIN1072 (20t/axle) standards.


PIT2 nt31-galvanised
Prefabricated Concrete Pit
Galvanized Version
With the use of modular prefabricated concrete foundations there is no need for formwork. Their robust construction assists in retaining surrounding earth loads. Resulting in a time and material saving installation as well as a fully controlled and clean civil construction.
The weighbridge can be hot galvanized to reinforce its durability and operational life.


Platform length
6m to 18m*
Platform width
Platform height
330mm to 420mm
Ramp height
330mm to 420mm
Steel type
Scale Capacity
up to 120t
Loading capacity
10t to 20t per truck axle

* other lengths and dimensions available upon request