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Weighing Equipment For Complete Weighing Solutions

With our vast weighing experience we are able to manufacture and provide a wide variety of weighing equipment and weighing components. Depending on the application, we are able to manage the weighing needs by providing high quality products of weighing indicators, juction boxes, load cells, remote displays, weighing software etc. Our systems are highly reliable with robust construction and approved by the international weighing regulations.

Each component can be paired with our range of Weighbridges and Axle Weighing Scales for a complete weighing solution. We are quick to deliver and ensure a hassle-free process. Please contact us for more details on the mounting parts and weighing modules.

Full Line of digital weight indicators from simple weight displays to  entire process automation control.
AJB alum 6 2 copy
For load cell connection and sensitive electronics protection, we offer a variety of junction boxes that meet the needs of every unique application.
Innovative and user-friendly softwares and systems that can accompany and complete your weighing solutions.
Greatest selection of quality load cells available in stock of the best EU manufactures (Vishay, Flintec).
220 silo mount
Mounting Kits
For simplifying the selection and installation processes.
KIS1 weigh module
Weighing Modules
Specially designed Weigh Modules to prevent unwanted forces affecting load cell performance.

All weighbridge components are fully compliant to the European regulations and for legal metrology and to strict quality standards, offering a scale that will weigh accurately and trouble free over a lifetime under the harshest conditions.