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Ex proof WB NT31 150

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Weighbridge & Weighing Equipment Solutions For Explosive Environments

Hazardous areas are essentially designated places where, under well defined conditions, the presence of certain materials (such as gases, dusts or fibers) make an explosion possible. Weighing systems are often an essential operational part of a process within a hazardous area and therefore must have equipment with suitable protection. 


ATEX Weighbridge

NT31 pit EX2 250x188
We offer you both pit and surface mounted weighbridges for hazardous areas. To maximize safety in your working environment our pit mounted weighbridges are designed with a row of drilled holes along the deck providing the necessary ventilation from below. As a result, there is a continuous clear airflow underneath the weighbridge deck preventing any build-up of gas in the unlikely event of spillages during the filling process. For the surface mounted weighbridges there is no drilling required. Please browse through our weighbridges for more information.

ATEX Weighing Components

RC3_ex_proof_ atex_junction_boxes

We ensure full safety with globally approved weighbridge components for explosive environments. Please browse through our weighing components for more information.