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AWIS is an automatic system for factories truck loading and weighing manipulation. There are five different weighing procedures according to the programmed card type: Bulk loading, material sent, intake material, other types of weighing and internal factory handle.

Program Overview

User’s full programmable weighing tickets:

  • Separate Ticket For First and Second Weighing
  • Separate Ticket For each Weighing Procedure
  • Separate Ticket For each Weighing Terminal
  • Ticket Printed on Network PC or Weighing Indicator
  • Entry – Exit From any Weighing Point

Advanced vehicle management:

  • Vehicle Legal Gross Check
  • Vehicle Nominal Tare Check
  • Card Type Specific Checks before each Weighing
  • Truck can be Joined at Groups for Easy Management
  • Different Truck types
  • Permanent or Temporary Cards for each Vehicle
Bulk Loading:
  • Up to Fifteen Silo Connected at each Weighing Terminal
  • Programmable recipe for each Silo(Coarse,fine,preact)
  • Custom or General Recipe for Each truck or Card.
  • Several cross checking procedures take place in, before, after and in parallel, such as Cross checking of Tare and Net,Over load checking, Recipe Checking etc
  • Remote Loading Control(Stop,Pause,Ticket Print etc)
  • Traffic lights or Sound Signals for Drivers
  • Remote Messages On Indicator Screen For Driver
Drivers Waiting List
  • Reporting for the Waiting time before each loading is accomplished!
  • Drivers Waiting Turn

Different Card Expiration:

  • Cards Can be expired and automatically deleted from the system maximum loading, Expiration Date, or maximum Routes
  • Cards can be programmed but Disabled.
  • Different Type of Checks depended on card Category.
  • Different Waiting time For each card

Minimal Operation required by Drivers:

  • Driver Only pass the barcode card trough a local badge reader and then the silo discharges automatically the quantity that was specified by the Central Planning Office
  • Any Errors or Check Faults Reported From the main System will be Displayed to the driver from the Terminal’s Display.
  • Terminal Keys can be Un/locked From the Main System Operator

Minimal Operation required by Operators:

  • The AWIS Operator can have a complete Knowledge of the weighing terminals from a monitor screen
  • Any Errors or Check Faults Reported From the main Systems monitor to the operator with a sound alarm and blinking Errors.
  • The AWIS Operator can Acknowledge any errors just by making a click on a button.
  • The Operator can Remotely access the weighing terminal (Zero, Lock, Send Messages, restart etc).

Minimal Operation required by the Card Programmers:

  • The Card Programmer can program any type of card with minimal procedures.
  • The State of each Programmed card can be easily viewed by the programmer.
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
Open Connectivity With ERP Systems:
  • Data Can Be exported To Files.
  • Data Can Be Imported From Files.