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Super Inspector: A Complete Weighbridge System

The Super Inspector is an advanced system for the ultimate weighbridge control. The system consists of the LEWIS'09 weighing terminal, two outdoor high resolution cameras, one digital junction box (DJB) and a printer. LEWIS'09 is a heavy duty industrial PC accompanied with user friendly weighbridge software intended for daily weighing routines. Moreover, with the use of cameras, with every weighing ticket issuance, a snapshot of the front and the rear of the truck is stored on the PC memory. The DJB provides unique capabilities for fleet management such as (1) truck axle weighing for overweight control (2) improved maintenance by calculating the life-span of the load cells and proving advance warning of load cell failure (3) keep record of time and date of possible over-weights (peak holding).



  • Dust-free strong enclosure immune to humidity, dust and vibrations.
  • LD5218 weighing indicator, OIML approved (10,000div)
  • Embedded Windows XP PC running LEWIS weighing software
  • Industrial CF Flash disk (up to 64Gb of memory) // No moving parts
  • Multilingual interface ( English,French,Arabic, Greek, Albanian etc)
  • Multi-user administration / Password protection / User rights
  • Export & import of data (1st,2nd weighing, Date-Time,Vehicle ID,material type, customer etc)
  • Optional communication: 1x Ethernet Realtek RTL8100C 10/100M LAN, 2x Serial RS 232, 1x Serial RS485/422, 1x Parallel (Optional),1x PS/2 (Keyboard + Mouse), 4x USB 2.0, 1x Audio I/O
  • Surveillance cameras that capture a snap-shot of every weighing procedure