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ld 5218 inox
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LD5218i & DJB: A Complete System Of Terminal & Junction Box

The LD5218i & DJB system is the incorporation of the digital junction box(DJB) and the weight terminal LD5218i enhances the weighbridge performance by offering load cells operational analysis and advance warning when a load cell fails. The digital junction box is designed to connect analogue load cells and convert their signal into digital, in order to offer the performance and the advantages of a digital load cell configuration.

With the LD5218i also being a compact, powerful alphanumeric terminal, designed for numerous weighing applications, with user friendly configuration and operation, hardware and software reliability, and legal-for-trade accuracy, is an attractive enclosure that ensures high performance under the most demanding needs.



  • Converts analogue signal to digital
  • Quick system calibration
  • Dead load shift analysis
  • Axle weighing for overweight control
  • Peak hold memory
  • Advance warning on load cell failure