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Group Axle Weighbridge

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Group Axle Weigher

The Group Axle Weighber is designed to provide fast and accurate weight information, for total truck weight, weight per axle, excess weight, and even left and right truck load, for all types of road vehicles.

This axle weigher weighs any vehicle even truck trains in a very economical way. It is a versatile model that can be installed as either pit or surface mounted. 


Axle Scale Basic Features

  • A solid, self-contained construction that costs much less than a full length weighbridge.
  • Static or dynamic weighing performance; Saves time by weighing vehicles in motion.
  • Improves safety, road holding & operational life of vehicles by correcting the load per axle (correct load per axle, correct distribution of load on left and right side of the truck etc).
  • Can weigh any type of vehicle; particularly large multi-axle and articulated trucks.
  • Robust, accurate, reliable & user friendly.
  • Minimal yard space required for its installation and it can be easily relocated.

Axle Scale Optional Features

  • Optional 4m entry-exit horizontal ramps.
  • Group Axle Weigher is complete with 4 compression type, stainless steel load cells and indicator LD5218, with dedicated axle weighing software.


Platform Length
6m - 8m*
Platform Width
Platform Height
Ramp Height
Scale Capacity
up to 60Ton

*other lengths and dimensions available upon request 








RC3_COMPRESSION_LC_250OIML and NTEP approved, European quality load cells.
LD 5218LD5218 with dynamic axle weighing software.
invoice-pdf 600x450
Our user-friendly software solutions enable you to gain control of the whole weighing process.
Cost-efficient and reliable printer, suitable for the tickets printouts.
Unattended Terminal
Remote Display
Traffic Lights
5290 panel
LD5218 Unattended weighing terminal for automatic weighing process.
RD650 remote indicator
RD650 for basic remote display.
traffic light small
Can be used as part of a system suitable for the automation of the weighing process.