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5290 panel

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Unattended Terminal LD5290: Automation Of Weighing Process

The Unattended Terminal LD5290 allows 24/7 weighing operations without the need for a weighbridge operator. Due to the system’s easy interface it is totally operated by the truck driver. The system consists of a weather-proof panel, the LD5290 weighing indicator, proximity reader and a panel mounted printer.

This unattended indicator can be also connected with more than one weighbridges in a single computer and optionally with traffic lights, photocells, barriers, etc. Appropriate for asphalt plants, landfills, quarries, etc. with continuous truck traffic and large number of regular trucks.



  • 9-digit, LED display with status annunciators and operator dialogue display VFD (2x40 characters).
  • Alphanumeric keyboard of 33 keys for data entry and exible operator dialogue
  • FIFO Memory of 1000-4000 weighing records *
  • 4 serial ports and 1 centronics printer output ports
  • Proximity Reader
  • Proximity ID cards
  • Panel mounted Printer

*Example of weighing records: TruckID,CardID,MaterialID, 1st weighing,2nd weighing,DateTime etc


  • Traffic light for traffic control
  • Photocells
  • Data recorder (up to 4 million weighing records)
  • Ethernet connection

Application Video