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Compression Type Load Cell: Vishay 116

The load cell Vishay 116 is a high capacity single column load cell, designed around a nickel plated, alloy steel element. It is environmentally sealed and the use of redundant o-rings and high grade potting material, provide excellent ingress protection. This load cell is suitable for all heavy weighing applications and provides the user an excellent overall value.




    • Capacities of 30, 35 and 40Tn
    • Self restoring rocker column
    • High performance compact design
    • Environmentally sealed, IP66/IP68 - 5bar
    • Certicate - OIML R60 (NTEP 10,000dIIIL Pending)
    • Current calibration output ensures easy and accurate
    • parallel connection of multiple load cells
    • Anti-rotation pin



      • Weighbridges
      • Silo and hopper weighing
      • Process weighing