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Weighbridge Solutions For Waste Management

Waste is directly linked to human development, technological and social development. Pollution and waste generation are two key challenges in the modern consumer world and the various rapidly expanding industries.

Waste generation and pollution are plagues of both the modernized and developing worlds and have become core subjects of national and international legislation. Consequently, the need for effective waste management has evolved into a necessity. Leon Engineering proudly stands at the core of those needs with innovative solutions and expertise. Please browse through our recysling plants solutions for more information.

Radiation Detection System  
 Leon Engineering leverages its 30-year technological know-how to offer cost-effective and reliable Recycling Waste Handling Systems. Through steady and sustainable solutions, Leon Engineering has established a bold presence in the installation of waste weighing management systems in Recycling Sorting Plants while becoming more efficient and experienced in the reception of waste.

Our company is not just offering another waste management system. It offers a system that provides the customer with an overview of its business activity including weighing modules and weighing equipment capable of automatic weighing operations. This also includes connection with ERP systems, which enable the extract of all statistical data information for full data manipulation usefull to the billing of the different waste operations.

It is our aim to provide the best solution for Recycling Waste Handling, which is achieved through the combination of our technological know-how with our high-quality and personalized customer service.