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DJB & RDT52: A Complete System Of Terminal & Junction Box

The DJB & RDT52 system is the incorporation of the digital junction box(DJB) and the weight terminal RDT52 which is especially designed for the DJB. This system combines all the features of the two components; the digital junction box converts the analogue signal of the load cells into digital, which is then transmitted to the connected RDT52 weight terminal and changed into the weight displayed on its screen.

The digital junction box is designed to connect analogue load cells and convert their signal into digital, in order to offer the performance and the advantages of a digital load cell configuration.The RDT52 remote display terminal has the attribute to either work in master mode whereby it may poll up to 30 DJBs connected in a network or in slave mode whereby it will only display information from a selected DJB.



  • 6–digit, bright LED display, 14mm high, with 5 status annunciators
  • 6 key membrane keyboard with tactile feedback
  • Connectivity with up to 30 DJBs
  • Individual connection of up to 4 strain gauge load cells, 350 Ohm
  • Converts analogue signal to digital
  • Conversion rate up to 40 measurements per second, analogue and digital ltering