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Digital Junction Box

The digital junction box is designed to connect up to 4 analogue load cells, and to offer the performance and the advantages of a digital load cell configuration. It contains all transducer electronics to excite the strain gauge, amplify, filter and convert the analogue signal of each load cell to a digital form. The signals of the 4 inputs are combined to produce a corrected and adjusted weight value. The digital junction box, comes in a robust stainless steel housing and represents a reliable and professional solution for a multitude of weighing applications.



  • Approved for 10,000 divisions
  • Individual connection of up to 4 strain gauge load cells, 350 Ohm
  • Single or dual interval
  • Conversion rate up to 40 measurements per second, analogue and digital ltering
  • Tilt input (inhibits weighing when scale tilted)
  • Two set points
  • Serial interface RS485 with networking capability
  • Stainless steel enclosure, sealed to IP65
  • Windows-based software for scale parameter setting and calibration


  • Platform scales
  • Silo weighing
  • PC-based weighing systems
  • Scale networks and weight data collection


  • Analogue output (0/ 4 – 20 m A)
  • Software for automatic tilt correction (for non-legal-for-trade applications)
  • Remote display terminal RDT52-A/B,
  • 6-digit, LED display with 6 key membrane keypad, as display and keyboard interface
  • RS485-RS232 interface with power supply
  • Mains power adapter 230VAC-9VAC.