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LD 5290
ld_5290_Stainless Steel
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LD5290: High-end, Reliable Weight Indicator

The weighing indicator LD5290 is the high-end member of the LD5200-series, a robust, universal instrument designed for the handling and control of bulk materials in various automatic discontinuous weighers. It offers the performance of a modern microprocessor, the advantages of a PLC and the weighing accuracy of an advanced A/D converter, combined with powerful data management features. Industrially oriented hardware and proven control software allow extremely fast and reliable operation at the highest accuracy and reliability, ensuring easy adaptation to application requirements and optimization of the weighing process.



  • Approved for 10,000 divisions
  • Up to 228 measurements per second
  • Excitation for up to 10 strain gauge load cells, 350Ω (or more)
  • Extremely stable and high resolution A/D converter with integrated analog and digital filtering
  • 9-digit, LED display with status annunciators and operator dialogue display VFD (2x40 characters).
  • Dynamic simulation of the weighing process on a front panel scale silhouette
  • Alphanumeric keyboard of 33 keys for data entry and exible operator dialogue
  • Up to 64 opto-isolated digital I/O
  • 4 serial ports and 1 centronics printer output ports
  • Analog output ( 2 channels) (optional)
  • Modern compact panel mount enclosure (IP54)


  • Net and gross bagging scales
  • Drum lling systems
  • Bulk hopper scales
  • Belt scales