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truck plate recog

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Automatic Truck Plate Recognition©

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system provides a sophisticated and powerfull tool for a wide range of weighbridge based operations, especially for remote or without operator installations.

For automatic or remote weighing in a typical system, the weighbridges usually has entry and exit barriers. When the vehicles approach the entrance are picked up by the camera and the number plate is checked within the database. If the vehicle is registered it is allowed to get through the first barrier onto the bridge to be weighed. At this point the driver inserts his RFID card to the weighing terminal positioned outside and this initiates the weighing. The database can be programmed to contain complete details of the vehicle, e.g. tare weight, and this information can later be used during the printing of the weighing tickets and invoices.


  • Automatic plate recognition, no need for ID tags
  • Truck is checked before getting on the weighbridge
  • Driver is checked along with the truck
  • Driver verification
  • Plate number verification
  • Most of the time material loaded verification
  • Real time of weighing sequence supervision through internet for security reason