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Weighbridge Management Software - LEWIS©

The Weighbridge management Software LEWIS is a comprehensive and user friendly software package, developed by Leon Engineering for weighing and vehicle control in weighbridge applications.

Due to its simple design and flexibility it will suit nearly any requirement, as it provides instant access to information about any load that passes over your scale, whether you are receiving raw materials, dispatching finished products or operate commercial weighing stations. LEWIS is a standard kernel for Windows platforms. This will give you a reliable tool, easy to be used by new or temporary operators.




  • Display and registration of vehicle tare and net weights:
  • Association of vehicles with products, customers and other vehicle related information
  • Printout of tickets with information on the weight transactions
  • Documentation on business operations with user-programmable report

Software Structure

Data Entry

Data_Vehicles_File The LEWIS database stores information in 5 basic files: The Vehicle file and 4 additional files (customers, products etc.). All files can include fields with special validations and total fields such as sub-descriptions, producers, destinations, origin and others.

Scale Transactions

Scale transactions
The software will simulate 1st and 2nd weighing operations for new trucks or known trucks, and will generate a complete weighing record upon completion of each transaction.



Upon completion of weighing sequence the software will automatically produce a weigh ticket, customized according to the customers’ needs.

Custom reports

The transactions saved in the program can be selectively organized by date, vehicle, product, customer and up to five additional criteria.


When the connected indicator is a D3500 then a full duplex communication is established. This allows for the terminal to be parametrized via the computer.

Additional Features

  • Connects up to 2 weighbridges.
  • Multi-user, from a simple Windows network to the more advanced networks.
  • User login allows for several user levels, each with their own rights and functions.
  • Multilingual. Language choice is applied on-line.
  • Programmable weigh tickets according to the application requirements.
  • Weigh tickets are being downloaded from to the indicator or retrieved to the PC from the indicator.
  • On-line help, to train the user and help him tailor the system for his specic needs.